Grumpy’s Brewhaus is the first all-grain boutique microbrewery in
the Adelaide Hills and have been operating since 1996. Originally located in Aldgate, then relocating to Verdun in 2001, we are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in craft brewing and the increased enjoyment of beer.


Nick Schultz is the head brewer at Grumpy’s Brewhaus, having learned the craft from his father, and brewer founder, Andrew Schultz.


We change the five beers on tap to suit the season. You will find Stout, Porter, Bitters and European Lagers on Tap depending on the time of year. We also serve Aussie Cider on tap, a fellow small batch producer, also from the Adelaide Hills.


Grumpy’s is situated in the picturesque Adelaide Hills on Mt Barker Road next to historic Hahndorf. Only a short 15 minute drive up the South Eastern freeway from the city of Adelaide, take the Hahndorf freeway exit and turn left toward Verdun. In a matter of seconds you’ll come across the iconic and unmistakable sign on Grumpy’s roof.


We are also renowned, especially amongst locals, for our wood oven pizza, a perfect accompaniment with the beers sold. We have recently introduced matching beer and pizza boards, for groups of four or more. Alternatively, individuals can purchase boards of beer and our speciality olive, chilli or garlic cheesebreads.



Grumpy’s beers are made using the finest imported malts and hops. We use only spring water from Mount Lofty in the Adelaide Hills and all beers are made by hand in 1200 litre batches.


Each batch uses about 250 kilos of malted barley and specialty grains. Malted barley is cracked open in a grain mill, then mixed with hot water to create a porridge-like mix which converts the starch within the grains into malt via enzymes contained within the grain.


The resultant malt liquid is then boiled with the addition of hops for bittering, aroma and flavour. Depending on the style of beer we may use honey or sugar in small quantities (usually around 9% honey or up to 6% sugar) to produce a particular flavour or dryness in the beer. However, unlike the big commercial brewers who brew in 150,000 litre batches we don’t use 40% plus sugar! Malt is expensive, sugar cheap.


The boiled wort (pronounced wert) is then cooled and transferred into a fermenter, yeast added and then left alone for the yeast to convert the malt sugars into alcohol. This may take up to 2 weeks.


The finished beer is now transferred into conditioning tanks in our cool room and left to mature for some weeks, even months, in the case of lagers. When fully matured, the beer is then kegged and tapped for sale at the pub, or bottled for sale in pubs, bottle shops and restaurants throughout Australia.


Importantly, no additives in the way of preservatives or extracts are used in the making of Grumpy’s Beer.




Grumpy’s is famous for our Wood Oven Pizza, a perfect marriage with our beers.




We also offer daily à la carte specials and a children’s menu in addition a range of homemade desserts.


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You can still find Grumpy’s beer at various locations throughout SA.



Phone: (08) 8188 1133
Email: andrew@grumpys.com.au


827 Mount Barker Road
Verdun, SA

Grumpys uses and recommends AAA Bus Charters – 0428 809 622